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Dry Powder Cart Unit


Model NF/TDP250 NF/TDP500
Extinguisher capacity   250kg 500kg (ABC powder)
Working pressure   15-17 bar
Test pressure   30 bar
Total weight   500kg (approx) 1000kg (approx)
Range of discharge   10-12m 10-12m
Duration of discharge   125 sec 250 sec (with 2 discharge guns)
Charge cap diameter   4” thread brass cap
Hose length   1inch hose of 15m x 2nos

Features :

  • Robust design.
  • High efficiency in extinguishing power.
  • Ideal protection for high risk installations such as military bases, large warehouses, fuel depots, airports etc.
  • 2 x 27 liters of compressed nitrogen cylinders, with charging pressure of approx 200 bars.

Applications :

  • Unit with metal dry powder for class D fire of magnesium, sodium etc.
  • Unit with monnex dry powder.
  • Special rear lights.


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