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The Ultimate Fire & Rescue Helmets Comfortable Fire Helmets

Thermoplastic LTX Helmets

Using the latest in engineering advancements, Bullard has developed the most comfortable low profile Fire Helmet on the market. With the reengineered LT Series Helmet, you'll find more headroom than ever before. This advanced, lightweight thermoplastic structural fire helmet eliminates excess weight, reducing the stress and fatigue associated with bulkier helmets, without sacrificing protection


  • Generous headroom
  • Streamlined design
  • Flexibity
  • Compact package Sure
  • Ratchet Headband
  • Tough and durable
  • Quick, easy sizing
  • Eye protection made easy
  • Cost effective


Mode Product Material Color Compliance
LTX Fire Helmet Thermoplastic BL/RE/WH/YE/BU/OR/LY NFPA 1971.2001
FXE Fire Helmet Fiberglass BL/RE/WH/YE/BU/OR/LY NFPA 1971.2001
FH Wildfire Helmet Thermoplastic BL/RE/WH/YE/BU/OR/LY NFPA 1977,20
USRX Rescue Helmet Thermoplastic BL/RE/WH/YE/BU/OR/LY NFPA 1971.2001
A 1 Rescue Helmet 2Point chinstrap RE/WH/YE/BU/OR ANSIZ89 .1- 2003
A 2 Rescue Helmet 3Point chinstrap RE/WH/YE/BU/OR ANSIZ89 .1- 2003

BL - Black/RE - Red/WH - White/YE - Yellow/BU - Blue/OR - Orange/LV - Lime Yellow


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