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Co2 multiple cylinder with hose reel unit

Specifications :

Model NHC30 NHC45 NHC90
Extinguisher capacity 30Kg (1x30)   45Kg (1x45)   90Kg (2x45)  
Test pressure  250Bar
Total weight 83Kg   123Kg   246Kg  
Range of discharge 5-7m   5-7m   5-7m  
Hose length with horn 20m   20m   20m  
Operating temperature -20°c to + 60°c  

Features :

  • Cylinders are made of seamless carbon-manganese pipes which have high mechanical properties.
  • Cylinder defined to withstand high pressure and tested at 250 bars.
  • High-grade brass head valve ensures reliability and optimizes efficiency.
  • High gloss polyester powder painted uv stabilized after shot-blasting ensures corrosion resistance under extreme condition.
  • Safety valve is fitted in each cylinder for maximum safety.
  • Long discharge nozzle and hose to protect the operator from heat, smoke and flames.
  • Specially designed discharge hose and horn to increase the flexibility of operations.
  • Discharge of agent is via delivery hoses mounted on a hose reel.
  • Hose is available in standard length of 20 m. Other lengths of 30m, 45m and 50m are available upon request.


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