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External CO2 Cartridge Type


Model NPC6 NPC9 NPC12
Extinguisher capacity 6kg 9kg 12kg
Fire rating 21A 113B C 27A 144B C 43A 183B C
Working pressure 14 bar
Test pressure 30 bar
Total weight 11kg 15kg 18.9kg
Range of discharge 6-8m 6-8m 6-8m
Duration of discharge 14-16 sec 16-18sec 18-22 sec
Operating temperature -20°c to +60°c

Features :

  • Rugged, durable, reliable fire protection.
  • Highly effective on class A, B, C & electrical fires.
  • Incorporated with high pressure external co2 cartridge.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Field rechargeable.
  • Simple and safe operation.
  • Safety valve is provided on the cartridge and the main valve to ensure maximum safety.
  • Electrostatic powder painting after shot blasting ensures maximum corrosion resistance.

Options :

  • Special NPCS-CD(X) series with metal dry powder for CLASS-D fire of magnesium, sodium etc.
  • Special NPCS(X) series with sodium bicarbonate for CLASS-D & c fires
  • Special NPCS-M(X) Series with monnex powder for Class B & C fires
  • Special NPCK-(X) Series with stop fire K for Class B & C fires
  • Special pvc internal coating
  • Plastic base

Applications :

External cartridge extinguishers are designed for the protection of ordinary and high risk hazards. It can be used for reliable fire protection in many industries and applications including refining, petro-chemical, oil and natural gas production, mining, transportation, utilities, metal processing, paint process areas, welding areas, material storage areas and many others.

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