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Portable Foam (AFFF) Extinguishers : Stored Pressure

Specifications :

Model NF1 NF2 NF3 NF6 NF9 NF10
Extinguisher Capacity   1Litre   2Litres   3Litres   6Litres   9Litres   10Litres  
Fire Rating 21B   34B   13A 89B   8A 113B   13A 183B   13A 183B  
Working Pressure   14Bar   14Bar   14Bar   15Bar   15Bar   15Bar  
Test Pressure  


30Bar   30Bar   30Bar   30Bar   30Bar  
Total Weight   1.8Kg   3.7Kg   6.0Kg   11Kg   15.5Kg   16.5Kg  
Range of Discharge   2m 2m   4m   6-8m   8-9m   9-10m  
Duration of Discharge   7-9Sec 8-12Sec 14-16Sec 16-20Sec 22-24Sec   28Sec
Operating Temperature  + 5°C to + 60°C


AFFF extinguishers are suitable for both Class A & B fires. Foam has the ability to reduce the risk of reignition. Foam extinguishers combine the smothering effect of AFFF and the cooling and penetrating effect of water.

Features :

  • Ready for instant use.
  • Exceptionally effective on class A & B fire.
  • Portable and compact design.
  • Heavy duty steel cylinder.
  • Made of special CRCA sheet with Argon/CO2 welding process.
  • Simple operation and maintenance.
  • Cylinders are 100% factory tested to 30 bar.
  • Easy grip valve for comfortable operation.
  • Nickel plated Brass Valve with reliability and long life.
  • Rugged PVC pick up tube enables smooth flow of the agent.
  • Precision built mechanical pressure gauge.
  • Electrostatic powder painting after shot blasting ensures maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Internally coated with Polyolefin & thermosetting polymer powder using whirl sintering process.

Applications :

  • Flammable liquid storage areas
  • Ships
  • Airports
  • Chemical plants and laboratories
  • Quench tanks
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Solvents storage & processing areas
  • Spray booths
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