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Rescue Tools


Rescue Tools to handle an emergency situation effectively and safely There are several new designs and next generation rescue tools to be supplied to various clients as per the specification request. The wide range of products helps the clients to choose the exact product to be used for the special purpose rescue operations or day to day usages. The product range starts from Normal "V" Knife to cut the seat belts, harnesses very fast, to the Hydraulic Special Cutters, Spreaders, and Pumps etc in case of an accident or a particular incident. Our Rescue Hydraulic tools are widely acclaimed for effective, safe rescue intervention in emergency situations that arise as a result of accidents or disasters. The Hydraulic tools hold compliance to European norms and standards where applicable. The one hand hold tools are very compact in design and light in weight. The Door Entry Tools are highly recommended by most of the Rescue & Fire Departments for Rescue purposes in need. The set of chain saw kits, power saw kits are supplied in separate box carriers for easy carrying. The Saw's we supply are built to meet the punishing demands of Fire / Rescue Service departments. The Hydraulic Spreaders, Combi tools to Cutters are available as a complete system or as individual components.

Model Product

Hydraulic Hand I Foot Pump
Model Product
DHS 150 Parrot Type Cutter
DHS 105 Parrot Type Cutter
DHS 100 Eagle Type Cutter
DHS 240 Eagle Type Cutter
DHK45A-370 Double Acting Hydraulic Combi Tool
DHK35-200 Double Acting Hydraulic Combi Tool
DTR265-700 Double Acting Telescopic Ram
DTR265-300 Double Acting Telescopic Ram
DHC12-285 Double Acting Hydraulic Ram
DHC12-330 Double Acting Hydraulic Ram
DHC12-570 Double Acting Hydraulic Ram
DHS50-720 Double Acting Hydraulic Spreader
PMP2022-15 Petrol Pump
PME2022-15 Electrical Pump
PMP1211 Mini Pump
SVD2015 Hose Reels
SVD 1010 Hose Reel for Mini Pump
HSS 100 Manual Cutting Tool
HSS 105 Manual Cutting Tool
HS20-120 Manual Spreader
HKS35-200 Double Acting Manual Combi Tool
TR102 Pipe Sealing Tool
PC75-40R Hydraulic Cutting Tool
PHS80-2400R Hydraulic Hand / Foot Pump
EHR 101 Hand Operated Rescue Kit
BG 120 Pocket Wire rope and cable cutter
BG 119 Rebar cutter and bender tool
BE313 Rescue Kit
AR178 Hand Tool Rescue Kit
AA680 Ram Entry Tool
L470 V Blade Cutter
AE097 Hydraulic Emergency Entry Tool
AC614 Complete Rescue Tool Kit
AZ462 Stabilization and Support Systems
AM083 Standard Rescue Saw Kit
AS441 Rescue Entry Tripods
AJ 182 Easy Self Supporting Frameless Water Tank
Note: Shall give the complete range of Rescue Products as per the specification requirement of the client I end user
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