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Dry Powder Skid Unit


Model NSDP250 NSDP500
capacity   250kg 500kg
working pressure   15-17 bar
test pressure   30 bar
range of discharge   7-9m
duration of discharge   125 sec 250 Sec
operating temperature    -20°c to +60°c  
hose length   15m

Features :

  • Custom-built to meet specific client requirements.
  • Capacity up to 1000kg.
  • Provides ideal protection for high risk area where there is high chances of fire.
  • The system can be activated remotely or by manually opening the nitrogen cylinder valve.
  • Discharge can be via handline nozzles or monitors to suite site requirements.
  • Special marine paint available for offshore or coastline applications.

Applications :

Petroleum / Petrochemical:

Loading Racks, Refinery Processing Equipment, Product Transfer And Processing Areas


Tanker Decks, Machinery Spaces, Loading Docks

Manufacturing: Industrial Operations (paint spray booths, dip and quench tanks), Warehouses, Steel Mills, Paint And Solvent Mixing Areas, Machinery Lubricating Systems, Flammable Liquid Storage Areas

Transformers, Generators, Turbines, Control Equipment, Fuel Storage Areas

Natural Gas: LNG Tankers, Natural Gas Plants, Process Piping, Vaporizers, Compressors, Liquification Plants, Sump Areas, Truck Loading Areas.
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