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Intelligent Reflective Beam Detector


  • Range of 8 - 100 metres
  • 2 selectable levels of sensitivity adjustment
  • Ideal for Atriums, Warehouses, Shopping Centers, Airport Terminals, etc.
  • Simple and cost effective installation of transmitter and reflective "honey comb" mirror
  • Quick and easy to set up and aligns with visual green LED indication that flashes faster to slower which is subject to signal strength. Replacing the cover and the detector will self calibrate to the required level

Technical Specifications

  1. Operating Voltage:24 VDC Loop, 24 VDC power supply
  2. Operating Current ( power supply):Power current: Commission current: 20mA
    Standby current: 8mA; Alarm current: 12mA    
    Loop Powered: Standby current0.6mA; Alarm current: 2mA
  3. Detection Range: Length from 8 to 100 meters, width 7 meters in both the sides
  4. Wiring : Non-polarized two-core 24 VDC
  5. Operating Environment: Temperature: -10~+50°C ; Relative Humidity: 95%
  6. Dimensions: 206 mm * 95 mm * 95 mm
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