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NAFFCO fire pump set model NPH series


The fire pumps are the heart of any liquid based Fire Fighting System and we at NAFFCO ensures the proper functioning of this heat by the excellent design, manufacturing & installation. We use the expertise of our well experienced engineers and designs each pump sets to suit the specific Fire Fighting System requirements, site conditions and the relevant standards. The quality of design is maintained throughout the process of manufacturing and our customers get 100% reliable pump set. Each pumps sets are being tested for the performance as per the designed system requirements before dispatching from the factory. Being a UL registered firm, we implements stringent quality measures throughout the production which enables us to achieve the desired performance standards conforming to different regulations of NFPA, LPCB and Local Jurisdiction Authorities. The ISO 9001:2000 certification by LPCB testifies to these facts. The pumps delivered by us are covered by a standard warranty of one year. Currently around 20,000 NAFFCO packaged Fire Pump Set are working worldwide in Government buildings, Warehouses, High rise Building, Factories, Residential buildings, etc. to protect the precious life and properties.

This model consist of one eclectic motor driven Fire Pump, diesel engine driver Fire Pump, one common Fire Pump controller, pressure vessel and standard accessories mounted on base frame. The electric pump shall be vertical multistage type close coupled to electric motor. The electric motor is squirrel cage industrial type, suitable for 3 phase, with required horse power rating. The diesel engine is fixed on the base with anti-vibration rubber pads and the pump is close (up to 50gpm @ 5 bar)/ flexibly (above 50 gpm @ 5 bar) coupled to diesel engine. According to the power output of the engine the electrical system can be either 12V or 24V DC. The diesel engine consists of starter motor, fuel system, lubricating system, exhaust system etc

The common controller is fabricated from mild steel and epoxy powder coated to red color. The enclosure id IP 54 rated and having all the required controls complying with the applicable standards (NFPA, LPCB Local Jurisdiction Authority requirements etc.). The standard Fire Pump set will be complete with pressure switches, pressure gauge, suction & discharge manifolds with gate valves & non-return valves, flexible connectors, battery set for diesel engine etc. All are mounted on a strong common bas frame of mild steel and painted red. This fire pump set is intended to be used with following Fire Protection System.

Data of Performance Range for Fire Pump Set Model NPH Series

Flow Rate Pressure
30 - 200 US GPM 3 - 10 Bar
Note: Higher ranges are available upon request

NPH Series Standard Models

Rating Pump Model
30 GPM @ 3 BAR NPH30/3-ED24-01C
35 GPM @ 5 BAR NPH35/5-ED24-01C
50 GPM @ 5 BAR NPH50/3-ED24-01C
50 GPM @ 6 BAR NPH50/6-ED24-01C
50 GPM @ 7 BAR NPH50/7-ED24-01C
50 GPM @ 8 BAR NPH50/8-ED24-01C
50 GPM @ 9 BAR NPH50/9-ED24-01C
60 GPM @ 6 BAR NPH50/6-ED24-01C
70 GPM @ 6 BAR NPH70/6-EDJ100-01C-S-D
75 GPM @ 6 BAR NPH75/6-ED24-01C
80 GPM @ 10 BAR NPH80/10-ED100-103
100 GPM @ 5 BAR NPH100/5-ED100-01C-S-D
100 GPM @ 5 BAR NPH100/5-ED100-103
100 GPM @ 6 BAR NPH100/6-ED100-01C-S-D
100 GPM @ 6 BAR NPH100/6-EDJ100-103
100 GPM @ 7 BAR NPH100/7-ED100-01C-S-D
100 GPM @ 7 BAR NPH100/7-EDJ100-103
100 GPM @ 8 BAR NPH100/8-ED100-01C-S-D
100 GPM @ 8 BAR NPH100/8-ED100-103
100 GPM @ 9 BAR NPH100/9-EDJ100-103
100 GPM @ 10 BAR NPH100/10-EDJ100-103
125 GPM @ 7 BAR NPH125/7-EDJ50-103
150 GPM @ 4 BAR NPH150/4-EDJ100-103
150 GPM @ 5 BAR NPH150/5-EDJ100-103
150 GPM @ 6 BAR NPH150/6-EDJ100-103
150 GPM @ 6 BAR NPH150/6-ED100-01C-S-D
150 GPM @ 7 BAR NPH150/7-EDJ100-103
150 GPM @ 8 BAR NPH150/8-EDJ100-103
175 GPM @ 8 BAR NPH175/8-EDJ100-103
200 GPM @ 5 BAR NPH200/5-EDJ100-103
200 GPM @ 6 BAR NPH200/6-EDJ100-103
200 GPM @ 7 BAR NPH200/7-EDJ100-103
200 GPM @ 8 BAR NPH200/8-EDJ100-103
200 GPM @ 9 BAR NPH200/9-EDJ100-108
250 GPM @ 4 BAR NPH250/4-EDJ100-103
250 GPM @ 5 BAR NPH250/5-EDJ100-103
250 GPM @ 6 BAR NPH250/6-EDJ100-103
250 GPM @ 7 BAR NPH250/7-EDJ100-103
250 GPM @ 8 BAR NPH250/8-EDJ100-103
Note: Fire Pump sets are available for other duty points and higher ranges also. Please contact factory.
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