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Dry type Fire hydrant with Security Cap


Model no Base flange (Iinch) Dimensions (mm) Working Pressure (Bar) 
100NHC-450 4 425 445 15
100NHC-800 4 800 445 15
100NHC-1200 4 1200 445 15

Features :

  • The body of the hydrant may be turned to any position (360°) to provide correct orientation of the outlets.
  • Light weight hood made of aluminium or grp.
  • Automatic drain system drains the water in the upper part when the main valve is closed thus avoiding damage caused by freezing.
  • An extension stainless steel rod with breakaway design.
  • Breakaway design to prevent accidents to the hydrants, where only the upper part of the flange will be broken upon impact.
  • Simple rugged construction and easy to maintain.

Bill of material :

Item No Description Material
1 Hand Wheel dia.165+screw+washer Cast Iron
2 Upper operating rod Bronze Rod
3 Hydrant cap Steel
4 Hydrant cap bolts Steel
5 ‘O’ ring Dia. 40x4 Nitrile 70 Sh
6 Instantaneous connector 2-1/2” Bronze / GM
7 Instantaneous connector Cap 2-1/2” Bronze / GM
8 Pumper nozzle cap 4”BS336+Gasket Cast Iron
9 Pumper nozzle 4”BS336 Bronze / GM
10 Connector cap chain Bronze / GM
11 Upper square spindle Stainless Steel
12 Body/3 BSP threaded outlets Cast Iron
13 Spindle connector blockade nut M12 Stainless Steel
14 Glaw bolts Steel 5.6
15 O ring dia. Nitrile 70 Sh
16 Claws Cast Iron
17 Spindle connector Ductile Iron, Galvanised
18 Spindle connector bolts Stainless Steel
19 Din flanged barrel Ductile Iron
20 Lower square spindle Stainless Steel
21 Automatic drain valve nut Bronze Rod
22 'O'ring Nitrile 70 Sh
23 Automatic drain valve Bronze Rod
24 Barrel-ductfoot bend bolts Steel
25 Barrel duct foot gasket Kinger Gasket
26 'O'ring Nitrile 70 Sh
27 Automatic drain valve bolts Bronze Rod FC
28 Automatic drain valve springs Stainless Steel
29 Anti- water hammer guide Gal.Cast Iron
30 Main valve obturator bottom plate Gal.C.I
31 Obturator bottom plate washer Gal.Cast Iron
32 Obturator blockade nut Stainless Steel
33 Flanged DN100 Ductfoot bend Ductile Iron
34 Hood cover Al Alloy
35 Hood cover base Cast Iron
36 Hood cover base bolts Allen Steel
37 Threaded plate for fixing base Steel
38 Allen Bolt to assy cover &base Allen Steel
39 Hood cover locking assembly Copper Alloy


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