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Dry type Fire hydrants

Bill of material :

Item No Description
1 Operating Nut
2 Cap
3 “O” ring
4 Gasket
5 Upper Barrel
6 “O” Ring
7 Claw Bolt
8 “O” Ring
9 Claw
10 Claw-Nut
11 Upper Stem
12 Stem Coupling
13 Bolt
14 Nut
15 Lower Stem
16 Lower Barrel
17 Bottom Bolt & Nut
18 Rubber Washer / 2.5 NST
Male Adaptor with Cap & Chain
19 Cone Shape Valve
20 “O” Ring
21 Nut
22 Duck Foot Bend
23 Hydrant Key
24 Landing Valve with Female
Inst Outlet with Cap & Chain
25 Pumper Cap
26 Chain
27 “O” Ring
28 Rubber Washer
29 “O” Ring
30 Bolt
31 Grub Locking Screw
32 Drainage Valve
33 Bottom Plate
34 Anti-Water Hammer Guide (Upper Plate)
35 "O" Ring
36 Female quick coupling adaptor with chain

NFH series fire hydrants

Model No Model No Base Flange (inch) Dimensions (mm) Working Pressure
NFHV Series NFH Series   A B (Bar)
100NFHV-800 100NFH-800 4 430 800 16
100NFHV-1200 100NFH-1200 4 430 1200 16
150NFHV-800 150NFH-800 6 430 800 16
150NFHV-1200 150NFH-1200 6 430 1200 16

Features :

  • Dry barrel design eliminates damage to the hydrant caused by freezing or corrosion of the upper part.
  • Break away design to prevent accidents to the hydrants, where only the upper part of the flange would be broke upon impact.
  • Designed as per awwa c502, which applies for the wall thickness, loss of head and hose connection plugs.
  • Simple rugged construction and easy to maintain.
  • Externally sand blasted for smooth finish, painted red with electrostatic powder coating on the section above
  • The ground and double coating of black bituminous paint on the section below ground.
  • Optional: barrel length extension kit in different lengths is available on request.

Specifications :

Inlet Din standard 4” or 6” pin 19 rating
Outlet 4” pumper connection of female/male thread coupling to BS336 with cap and chain
NFHQ Series 2x2.5” quick coupling with cap and chain
NFHV Series 2x2.5” straight through landing valve with cap and chain
 NFH Series                   2x2.5” Male NH thread with cap and chain


Standard Complete cast iron
Suffix DI For Ductile iron underground barrel
Suffix CD For Complete Ductile iron


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