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Rack & reel hose

Synthetic, Single Jacket Fire Hose :

  • (250 PSIG / 1725 kPa Service Pressure)
    Hose interior is all synthetic, light weight, and are UL/FM approved.

Applications :

  • Cabinet / Fire Hose Reel / Fire Hose Rack

Scope :

  • Hose manufactured to this specification are superior quality and workmanship. Lined fire hose for interior fire protection are light in weight and designed for emergency use only.

Construction and Features :

  • The hose is of single jacket construction.
  • The jacket is made with high tenacity filament polyester yarn in both the warp and weft directions,to provide maximum strength to weight ratio.
  • The hose is resistant to chemicals and petrol products, rot & mildew, hydrolysis, and resist deterioration due to exposure UV-rays and ozone.

Performance :

  • The hose, in all sizes, have minimum service, test, and burst pressures as specified in the technical chart.
  • The hose have a maximum flow with minimum friction loss.
  • The hose have no defects, dirt, knots, lumps or other irregularities affecting the performance of the hose.
  • The hose is resistant to kinking and remain flexible to -65°F(-53°C).
  • Twisting and warping are at least 100% better than required, by the applicable NFPA standards.
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